Sunday, December 8, 2013

cat team III

heyyy gs!  or ummm bubs.  nah i'll probably stick with gs.  hahaha bubs makes me thing of this guy:
wow i miss that website ( :(
they haven't updated for like 2 or 3 years now and it isn't like the creators said "okay, we're done with homestar runner", they just suddenly stopped posting stuff.  i think it is most likely because they have bigger things to do now, like families to spend time with and bigger jobs since they are older now but it still would have been nice if they had of done like at least one goodbye toon or something.

sorry about the suck post last time...but this post should make up for it!

also idk why when i posted the post it took away all of the bullets...oh well

i didn't dislike the music in tasm2 but i didn't love it either...i liked the music a lot better in the original spider-man trilogy.  though it seems like the music in tasm2 might be really good because hans zimmer is a really great film composer!  his most recent soundtrack to 12 years a slave was really good.  plus he did great music for inception, the batman trilogy, the lion king, and a ton of other good movies.

tyt hob about the picture i took!  haha i just took it in a hurry with my ipod though and didn't really think too hard about getting a good pic...

haha yeah that would be awesome to all go to comic-con together!!!

awww g i was going to take a nice day time picture of the snow for the game today but i forgot about it :( well maybe i will take one in the morning and put it in here later if i remember.

oops running out of time...

nice pictures para!!!

aw g i feel like there was so much stuff i could have responded to and i didn't respond to enough of it but this is my post for now

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