Thursday, December 5, 2013


hey gs!

first of all i want to share some of my reactions about tasm2 trailer!  aw g i wanted to watch it again but my internet is going insanely slow and it won't load :( i'll just say some of my reactions from memory.  oh wait nvm it loaded!

spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen tasm2 trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • wow it seems like there's a lot more day-time action scenes
  • electro looks pretty awesome
  • i can't really get too great of a feel for the green goblin and rhino just from the trailer
  • the actor they chose for harry actually seems like a pretty good fit to me
  • vulture and doc-ock armor!
  • some of the shots of spider-man swinging kinda look like they are from a videogame...i can't tell if that is just because of the new suit, or because maybe the cgi effects aren't 100% finished or maybe a bit of both.
  • haha "follow the daily bugle on tumblr"  i'm guessing that ad on the side of the building won't actually be in the real movie...
wow it is snowing a ton tonight!!!!  here is a picture of how snowy it is so far!

sorry i didn't get to responding to things in this post.  i had a super busy and stressful day and i didn't have much time for this post but maybe mid-day tomorrow i can add some stuff in.

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