Sunday, June 10, 2012

ahhh thor

heyyyy gs!

today i saw the avengers finally! it had a good feel to it so i partially take back what i said about people not shutting up about it but really people could continue to shut up about most of the people in the movie.

i love thor!!!!!!!! i love brothers!!!!!!!! i love phil!!!!!

that makes it sound like phil is one of the brothers but he is not :(

i miss phil :(

ok here's a cats fanmix.

i love you - the dandy warhols (loving a cat)

i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you

all out of love - air supply (when you're away from a cat)

i'm all out of love
i'm so lost without you

bad love - white lies (when you are holding a cat that you love so darn much and it wants to escape but you just want to love it)

if i'm guilty of anything
it's loving you too much

i'd do anything for love - meatloaf (when a cat brings you a dead mouse and wants you to eat it)

i would do anything for love
but i won't do that

that's when i love you - aslyn (when you love a cat)

when you don't have much to say
that's when i love, i love you
just that way

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