Friday, June 15, 2012

daniel jackson

wowww i am so confused. :S

here are a bunch of questions i have.

why did no one but me post yesterday?
what topic for the fanmix was i supposed to do yesterday?
what should i do for the fanmix game today?
is noah like a permanent poster on our blog now?
was your orientation as boring as mine?

well anyways.  so the last two days i was at orientation and it was just filled with glugs.  my mom kept asking me if i met anyone or made any new friends. the reason i didn't is because in the little group i was in exactly half of the people where black guys that seemed like jerks and wore gym shorts and wore their hats backwards and all that stuff and really talkative, loud, and annoying black girls.  and then there was only one other guy in my group that wasn't black but he was really annoying because he acted like he knew everything and was the smartest person in the world the whole time.  the other girls in my group were just really annoying or just really quiet and shy.  one of them was like "omggg!  you look EXACTLY daniel jackson from stargate!!" i really do not see how i look like this person in either of those pictures...

and then the orientation leaders gave us these little usb key things called "pokens" and you were supposed to go around and "poke" everyone else's usb keys with your usb key and then when you plug it into the computer you can see everyone's name, facebook, and twitter that you poked.  and everyone kept putting their poken up to mine even though i really do not care to be friends on facebook with any of those people.  but i probably just won't set my facebook up on there anyways so inbd.  i'm pretty sure i'll meet a lot more new friends though when i actually find people who are studying music like me.  there was only like 2 other people in my orientation session that were doing music and neither of them was in my group.  plus i already have a couple friends going to isu with me.

well the only good thing about orientation though i scheduled my classes and i don't have any classes until 9 each day of the week!  and some days i get done as early as 1 pm!!!!!

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