Tuesday, June 26, 2012

looking back

heyyy gs

wow today idk who will be the last person to post but whoever is (assuming all 4 of us post)  will be the 1000th post on the goblog!!!!!

here is a look back at some of our previous posts!

here are some things i learned from our 1st post!
-haha in the list of things you might find in the blog we hardly talk about any of that stuff anymore!
-we didn't do labels in the very beginning
-haha rene

here are some things i learned from our 10th post!
-we've had a game in our posts since the first month
-for some reason at that time we were using @'s as exclamation points
-haha rene again

here are some things i learned from our 100th post!

-we were a much more awesome blog back then
-we managed to go 100 posts in a row without missing a day!
-remember the philosophical questions?
-that pic at the end was awesome!

here are some things i learned from our 500th post!
-we did not celebrate that post as the 500th post
-that marked the beginning of the "post as long as a foot" rule

here are some things i learned from our 900th post!
-it wasn't really that long ago...like a month ago
-CM is 900 in roman numerals

wow and here is a crazy fact about our blog!  we have 735 unique labels we have used over the course of all of our posts!  i was expecting we would have way more though since a lot of the posts we put more than one label.  i guess we didn't start labels from the very beginning though and a lot of times people didn't post labels.  but still that is awesome to know that huge list on the side is 735 things.

so yeah our blog has had some really shitty times and it hasn't always been perfect, but looking back on some of our posts it's still really awesome that it is still going and that we actually reached 1000 posts a lot quicker than some blogs take to reach that many.  i just think it's really cool that we have all this history of our lives since 2010 and it's just so crazy because it all seems so long ago.

well that's all i have for my post.

congratulations everyone on lasting until the 1000th post and here's hoping for many more to come!

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