Saturday, June 16, 2012


hey gs.

last night i watched thor for the first time because it's on netflix now!!!!!!!  it wasn't my favorite superhero movie but it was still really good and fun and i think it did its main purpose, to introduce people to thor for the new avengers movie.  my favorite characters in it were thor, loki, the gate keeper, and the character natalie portman played.  when does thor 2 come out?

Okay even though no one answered my questions and para said a bunch of questions that were mean to me here are the answers to them.
Why is Gob such a racist?
i'm not a racist!  i'm just saying actually how it was!  i mean i have a couple friends who are black and really nice and don't fit under the stereotype people say about them.  but these people in my orientation group were just extremely annoying.  you would agree with me if i was there. 

Why did Gob ask what the fanmix was for yesterday when he was the only one who did the fucking thing?
because it wasn't clear if we were still doing my topic since apparently it was my turn the day before or hob's topic which she added to her post at a later point.
Why did it take Gob like five days to realize that Noah is still posting?
well duh i realized noah was still posting but just no one had said anything about him posting here all the time or anything.

Why does Gob assume that anyone else went to an orientation?
i just figure either para or hob would have gone to a high school/college orientation at some point in their life.

What college is Gob going to?
Indiana State University.  it's in terre haute.
Did Gob already tell me this and I forgot?
i might have.  i can't remember.

What classes is Gob taking?
first semester i am taking:
music skills. music theory. concert/recital hours. symphonic band.  piano private lesson.  clarinet private lesson.  health class. communication class.
Why does Gob think that guy looks nothing like him when he could be his twin?
because he definitely isn't my twin. 

ok now time to take noah's quiz
1.  Who's your favorite Avenger?
well i haven't seen the avengers yet but i've seen most of the movies that different avengers are in and i would have to say iron man.  but i just watched the thor movie and he is in a close second now.

2. Ant Man?
he's cool!

3.  You a Warrior, mage or theif?
well i'm a thief, not a theif.

4.  Have I played too much Skyrim?
there's no such thing as too much skyrim!  i think i'm going to make a new character and play through it again sometime soon.

5.  What should I have for a snack?
moose tracks!

6.  Status Report!
85% done with this quiz!

7.  Create a super hero
Pizza Man!

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