Saturday, June 16, 2012

the usual paul

Hey gs!

I'm going to answer Noah's quiz!

1. Who's you favorite Avenger? 
Me favorite is Thor.

2. Ant Man? 

3. You a Warrior, mage or theif? 
Did you mean: thief

4. Have I played too much Skyrim?
Yes and are you aware that you have spent over 8 full days playing that game? In that time you could have become an actual warrior and slain an actual dragon and there could have been a two minute long montage showcasing your progress.

5. What should I have for a snack? 
A butt.

6. Status Report! 
We're all going to die and/or get turned into gamma monsters.

7. Create a super hero
I hope you don't mind but I turned this question into a link to at which you can actually create your own super hero and here's what I came up with:
His name is Operation Disaster which is what I suggested to Abby that she name her leopard gecko but I don't think she took the suggestion. He wears minimal amounts of clothing, has long flowing hair, and all the best parts of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Spiderman. He can hold a shield and a hammer in one hand and still manage to clench his fist but that is NOT his super power. He all the super powers of everyone in Heroes plus the most powerful super power of all: love. And he has bow tie. Beat that. 

Now here is a fun quiz that I am about to make. Here's what you do. I will ask a series of questions in the form "this or that?" and you respond by answering the question without using either of the two things in the question? Get it? Okay, go:

1. Sam or Dean?
2. Para or Hob?
3. Star Wars or Star Trek?
4. A or Z?
5. Knew Mexico or Knew York?
6. Venn diagrams or grocery shopping?
7. Paper or plastic?
8. Spiders or clowns?
9. Bob or Barbara? 
10. Marvel or DC?
11. Sink or swim?
12. Zippy or flop?
14. Bats or balls?
15. Sandwiches or Sandwarlocks? 
16. Neither or both?
17. Heaven or Hell?
18. Hulk or Bruce Banner?
19. Thor or Loki?
20. Iron Man or Straw Man?
21. Captain America or Captain Canada?
22. Black Widow or White Widow?
23. Hawkeye or Loveeye? 
24. Very or frog?
25. No or hell no?

Hey Noah. You know The Leader from The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes?

You just needed to see that.

It's come to my attention that I can no longer access powerschool, which is where you check your grades at my school, or I guess my old school. That made me a little bit sad because I just imagined them deleting me from their list or whatever but ON THE BRIGHT SIDE I can now share with you my awesome password that I had for two years that I did not come up with, they gave it to me, and it was probably just a random combination of numbers and letters but these numbers and letters happened to randomly combine AWESOMELY. Okay, here is what it was


 hahahahaah do you get it? Well I always thought of it like Dog ate Wisconsin. And yeah. That was funny to me.

Okay well sorry for forgetting to say what today's fanmix was in my last post. I guess I'll just say what it will be for tomorrow. Okay its going to be a fanmix about a subject of your choice, but all of the songs that you use have to be by the same band/artist.

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