Monday, June 11, 2012

trail mix

hey gs i just got back from bonnaroo awhile ago today and it was so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i saw so many great bands and was super close up to the stage for a lot of them too! haha i just found myself in the front row in one of the bonnaroo videos on youtube!  only for like 3 seconds though but that's still really cool!

here is a huge list of all the bands i saw:

the casey driessen singularity
white denim
steven bernstein's mto plays sly
the soul rebels
sharon jones and the dap kings
the avett brothers
rodrigo y gabriela
das rascist
red hot chilli peppers
gary clark jr.
the beach boys
ben folds five
bon iver

but my favorite shows were:

-  Radiohead
-  Bon Iver
-  Ben Folds Five
-  Mogwai
-  The Avett Brothers
-  The Beach Boys

and what was awesome is that for all of those shows I was either front row or really close and almost front row!!!  except for the avett brothers because i was in line for radiohead during their set but it still was a great show and i could see them on the giant screen.

i can't find my phone right now but when i do i'll upload a bunch of awesome pictures i took to here. well actually i found it and i didn't really take all that many great pictures but here some are!

oh and awesome new banner! i think i might try to see the avengers soon because even though i got sick of hearing everyone rave about it every single day at school it still sounds pretty awesome.

oh yeah and one last thing.  thank you noah for posting for me while i was gone!!!!!

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