Monday, June 18, 2012

houses of the paul

Hey gs!

Gob you are a glug!!! Making a Muse 1984 fanmix is CHEATING because Muse based the album "The Resistance" ON 1984!!! That's like making a Harry Potter fanmix using songs by Harry and the Potters! You are dumb dumb dumb!!!

Well anyway.

Today was not as glug as I thought it would be because I went to the mall and got some awesome Avengers shirts!!!

Look at this slgkjdlkjgsd aaah sometimes I accidentally tap my trackpad in such a way that it turns it off and then the only way to get it to turn back on is either restart the computer or tap it again in some way but the problem is that it's much easier to accidentally turn it off than it is to purposefully turn it back on.

Well okay what I was going to say is that look at this ad that was on our blog yesterday:

Well okay I'm going to post today's fanmix tomorrow because I don't have that much time left and it isn't quite done.

Haha I just read your post Gob and you'll be happy to know that I do indeed have an insult for you about your answers and that is that YOU DIDN'T FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The directions clearly state that you're supposed to answer the questions without using either of the two things in the question!!! YOU FAILED!!!

Gob if you don't want to be insulted then I would suggest stop doing glug things.

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