Tuesday, June 12, 2012

paul shouldn't play with dead things

Hey gs!

This is my Thor/Loki fanmix!!

WARNING: contains spoilers from Thor and The Avengers.

Bad Sun - The Bravery (Thor to Loki, wondering why their relationship is what it is)
I know we're not like everyone
You and me we grew under a bad sun
Everyday you bring me pain
And we savor it like rain

Hate This and I'll Love You - Muse (Loki to Thor, feeling envious of Thor and wanting to destroy him)
You're making me feel
Like I was born to service you
But I am growing by the hour

Battle for the Sun - Placebo (Loki to Thor, wanting to take Thor's place as king but still loving him)
Dream brother, my killer, my lover
I will battle for the sun
Cause I have stared down the barrel of a gun

Mykonos - Fleet Foxes (Thor and Loki, feeling sorry for what they did to each other)
Brother you don't need to turn me away
I was waiting down at the ancient gate
You go where ever you go to day
You go today
I remember how they took you down

Wounded - Better than Ezra (Thor to Loki, not wanting to fight him)
Tell me why we bother
Hurting one another
With nothing left to gain
How do you explain
Striking down my brother?

Call Me - Shinedown (Loki to Thor, when they are fighting and Thor destroys the bridge)
Wrap me in a bolt of lightning
Send me on my way still smiling
Maybe that's the way I should go
Straight into the mouth of the unknown

I Gave You All - Mumford & Sons (Thor to Loki, wondering why Loki wants to rule Earth)
How can you say that your truth is better than ours?
Shoulder to shoulder, now brother, we carry no arms

Kingdom of Welcome Addiction - IAMX (Thor and Loki, not wanting to kill each other)
Do you remember your coming down
Forced to take sides?
Your taunted charm and broke smile
Touched me unexpectedly

Set Fire to the Rain - Adele (Thor to Loki, wanting them to fight together again)
You and me, nothing is better
But there's a side to you that I never knew

That's the thing!

Last night I watched Iron Man 2 and it was not that great. But also today I watched Thor again and it was as great as ever!

Also I really want to see The Avengers again.

Haha here is an ad that was on our blog:

Good stuff!

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