Monday, June 25, 2012

it is known

heyyyy gs!

here's my fanmix for the 50 most recently acquired songs thing. it's a game of thrones one

never say never - the fray (sansa, dany)

picture you're the queen of everything
far as the eye can see
under your command

your money - the indelicates (robert, tywin)

look at you
look at your luck
the girl you don't love and the wife you don't fuck
look at you
look at what you've bought
with all that hard hard work
and that financial support

red right ankle - the decemberists (jaime/cersei)

oh, adhere to me for we are bound by symmetry
and whatever differences our lives have been
we together make a limb

black swan - sunset rubdown (catelyn, arya)

you were hoping for something a little more realistic
you were hoping for the head of the queen

woman king - iron & wine (cersei, dany)

hundred years, hundred more
someday we may see
a woman king, sword in hand
swing at some evil and bleed

margaret in captivity - the decemberists (sansa/sandor)

i have clipped your wingspan
my precious captive swan

summersong - the decemberists (theon, bran)

summer blows away
and quietly gets swallowed by a wave

that's the stuff! hopefully in a few days i'll be able to post my s7 fanmix!!


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