Monday, June 11, 2012

if the light is off then it isn't on

heyyyy gs

here's my avengers fanmix!

fantastic 6 - alphabeat (the group)

they'll do the tricks
the fantastic six
come on, don't be hysterical
it's the making of a miracle
every time they save chicks
the fantastic six

arrow - tegan & sara (hawkeye) love

i take my aim
you feel me coming close

big gun - ac/dc (black widow)

big gun
bug gun

everybody loves me - one republic (iron man)

oh my, feels just like i don't try
look so good i might die
all i know is everybody loves me

wolf like me - tv on the radio

my mind has changed
my body's frame but god, i like it

if i had a hammer - peter, paul, and mary (thor)

i'd hammer out danger
i'd hammer out a warning

only the good die young - billy joel (phil)

you know that only the good die young
i tell you only the good die young

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