Sunday, June 24, 2012


heyyyy gs.

aw g there was cute kitty on one of the ads but she went away. :(

well speaking of cute animals, here is a dog that i love!
ok so para, the idea behind my fanmix is that like you could do something like this:

a fanmix about dean and his relationships with other people
- dean/sam song
-dean/bobby song
-dean/john song
-dean/lisa song

or like songs that relate to a bunch of different people but about one particular episode.

so basically it has one particular theme but just songs based on a bunch of people. do you understand now?

well unfortunately i have not quite finished that fanmix myself and i need to start on the book one but i will post them either later tonight if i stay up or tomorrow.

while i don't have a are some jamz for you hob!

mickey mantle - waters
for the one - waters
when i was young - nada surf
inside of love - nada surf
do it anyway - ben folds five
the heartbeat kid - casey driessen
when i'm small - phantogram
time spent in los angeles - dawes
staircase - radiohead
polish girl - neon indian

yay! cm is making brownies right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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