Wednesday, June 13, 2012

paul said

Hey gs.

Welp. Gob is a glug because he didn't say what today's fanmix is supposed to be...

And Hob is a glug because she didn't say what tomorrow's fanmix is supposed to be...

There's nothing to say bleh.

Well I could say that if you're in a play you'll go through the whole thing and you'll get near the end and you'll be in like the last scene and you'll think hey i like this with the lights on bright and the audience sitting out there and all the actors up on stage with you you'll realize this isn't so bad this isn't bad at all in fact you'll realize that for the whole time you've been in a play you've felt a kind of a sort of aliveness that you just haven't ever felt before you'll tell yourself you're out of your mind you'll fight it when you look at the bulletin board and you see the next audition notice you'll thing nuh uh no way but it will eat at you and the next thing you know you'll be in another play and another and another one will barely get over before you'll feel the itch to be in the next you'll be addicted and everybody knows that addiction is definitely not good so don't do it!

What is this thing where we can advertise products in our blog?

Let me try it.

I want each of you to buy one of these products.

Good day, sirs.

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